How to choose the right clothes for your baby?

How to choose the right clothes for your baby?

Shopping clothes for newborns and toddlers is an enjoyable experience for every parent. But shopping for the little ones is quite different from shopping for oneself and hence it’s not an easy job. Rather, it’s a never-ending task and depends on factors like the size, the material used, the comfort and the gender of the baby. Also, it depends on how fast the baby is growing. This factor is directly proportional to the fact that clothes would soon wear out or will not fit him/her anymore.

Quite often parents tend to get carried away by fancy and stylish kidswear. But these clothes might turn out to be uncomfortable or unsafe for the delicate skin of the kids.

Then how should parents decide what clothes to buy for newborns and toddlers? A little planning and knowledge is all they need in order to choose the right clothes for their babies. Here is a baby clothes guide that will help parents with the same.

  1. The Right Fabric: While choosing clothes for babies, comfort should be the key. It is always recommended to avoid synthetic fabric as the chemical content of such fabric is very high. Synthetic fabric is harsh on their sensitive skin and could cause allergic reactions. Natural fabrics and 100% cotton are the best bet. Cotton, fleece, etc . are highly absorbent and at the same time gentle on baby’s skin.

    The right kind of fabric does not only guarantee comfort but quality too. Clothes made of natural fibres and fabrics of high quality like cotton, linen, etc. last longer. But, nowadays the market is flooded with low quality cotton clothes made from low grade cotton.

    Wondering how to choose 100% cotton? Here’s a pro-tip: Touch and feel the fabric. If it feels very light and brittle, then the cloth is made from low-quality cotton that will wear out easily. And if the fabric feels rough, it’s definitely going to be harsh on the baby’s skin and will be uncomfortable for him/her.

  2. 'No' to tight elastics: Kids love to play around in comfortable clothes. Parents should never opt for tight clothes with elastics and spandex even if they look fancy. These clothes seldom have room thereby making it difficult for the child to move around freely. Pants with adjustable waistbands are the best choice. These are comfortable for kids and can also be used for a longer period even if parents plan to buy a bigger size.

  3. Durability is important: Durability is an important aspect that parents should keep in their mind. While shopping, they need to understand that kids are physically more active. Hence, their clothes have to be comfortable and most importantly, durable. Parents should always choose clothes made from high quality fabric that can withstand their activities and can also be passed on the younger one.

  4. Considering the right brand: With so many brands available in the market, it’s easy to get a little confused. While selecting kidswear, parents should educate themselves about various brands. They can visit stores and collect details about kids clothing.

    While taking notes they must remember to check whether the brand uses 100% cotton that’s manufactured from highest quality yarn and whether the clothes are chemical-free. Also, they need to check if the brand ensures that only the safest materials & equipment is used while manufacturing.

    To be completely sure, parents can also check out reviews from other parents and mom bloggers. This will help them in getting a good idea about trust-worthy kidswear brands.

  5. Opt for clothes that are easy to clean: During the initial years, babies poop, drool and spit very often. Parents must opt for clothes which are easy to clean and do not retain stains. Fabrics that help in washing off grime easily and do not get spoiled after frequent washing, are highly recommended.

    Deciding what clothes to buy for newborns and toddlers can be a whole a new experience. But parents should focus on choosing the right clothes for them. Trendy clothes, vibrant colours and fancy fabrics will often make it difficult for parents to ascertain the right kidswear, but it’s always wise to remember that the baby’s comfort is top priority. And so is the quality and durability.


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