Monsoon dressing tips for your children

Monsoon dressing tips for your children

Although the monsoons bring a welcome respite from the gruelling heat, the rains do have some adverse effects like flooded roads and drains. Rain water lying around brings in mosquitoes that increase the risk of transmitting diseases. Since newborns and toddlers are delicate, parents have to be very careful and take precautions about their health. To help parents take care of their little ones, here is a guide to dressing them during monsoon.

  1. Full-sleeves are a must:- Choose kidswear that is full sleeved and the ones that cover your little one’s entire body, to avoid mosquito bites.

  2. Avoid heavy clothing:- During monsoons parents should opt for light and breathable fabric as humidity levels are at their highest during this season. They should be easy to wash and also dry easily. Try avoiding denims and kidswear made of thick clothing.

  3. Go for layering:- Monsoons also bring in sudden temperature fluctuations. Keeping this in mind, parents should select clothes for newborns and toddlers. Hence, layers are your best and safest choice. Also, do keep cotton cardigans and a light blanket handy.

  4. Bring on the vibrant hues:- At times, monsoon can be very gloomy. So add some zest to their closet. Stock their wardrobes with bright coloured clothes that will make them look very vibrant and cute on a cloudy day. Choose colours like blue, orange, yellow, fuchsia pink or opt for prints with their favourite animals or cartoon characters.

  5. Observe and decide:- Monsoons are tricky. Rainy days often start off as hot and humid and after a heavy downpour, temperatures fall. When it rains all through the entire day, dress up your children in slightly thicker clothes at night. You can also opt for full-sleeved night suits and rompers.

Pro-tip: For first-time parents, it might be a little tricky at times to understand how to dress their little one during monsoon. If your baby is uncomfortable and his/her tummy is cold, your baby needs an extra layer to keep warm. When the baby sweats, it’s time to remove the extra layer and cool him/her down a little.

With these tips, you can now make sure that your baby remains protected from mosquito bites and at the same time weather-proofed too. Go ahead and select the right clothes during monsoon. Remember to keep a few extra sets too!

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