5 tips to make your baby comfortable in summer

5 tips to make your baby comfortable in summer

Parents are often concerned about keeping their newborns and toddlers safe from the summer heat. Knowing how to dress your child is of utmost importance. It’s beyond just having good knowledge and sense of style and kids fashion. During summers, it’s more important to keep them comfortable in safe kidswear that do not lead to overheating or skin rashes.

Newborns perceive heat differently than older children as they are more sensitive to changes in temperature. Never overdress them or it might lead to heat rashes. Rather it is advised to dress them in light clothes so that they can maintain a proper body temperature. Here are 5 tips to let your little ones stay cool and protected from the summer heat.

  1. Cotton is always best- During the initial years, parents need to choose fabric that does not cause harm to the sensitive skin of the little ones. Clothes made of cotton/ mercerised cotton are best as they are very soft and are ideal conductors of heat. These absorb sweat and allow the child’s skin to breathe.

  2. Choose the perfect weave- Parents often think that they should always opt for light coloured kidswear during summers to keep them comfy. Although this fact holds true, but it’s not just the colour that determines how hot or cold they might feel. Rather the weave is an important factor too. Clothes for kids should be made in such a way that heat escapes from the body and does not remain trapped in it. Open weaves allow free circulation of air, making the clothing much cooler.

  3. Onesies and singlets are a must- These are light and airy. When the mercury rises, these will provide ultimate comfort.

  4. Choose the right sleepwear- Babies should always be kept warm and not hot. During sleep time, newborns and toddlers should be dressed in comfortable pajamas. If the room is cool and air-conditioned, parents should choose a heavier sleeper. They can also wrap their little ones in a lightweight blanket. But in case the room is warm, parents should opt for light sleepers. It’s always important to know how much clothing is too much and how much is very little.

    Tip: Check if your baby is sweating or if his/her cheeks are turning red. If so, then the baby is probably overdressed. Take off the blanket/ excess clothes for some time.

  5. Shade and not sunscreen- It is always recommended to keep newborns and toddlers away from direct sunlight. Most parents choose to apply sunscreen on their delicate skin. But, it is highly advisable not to put sunscreen on your little one before they are at least a year old. Then what’s the best way to protect their skin from the sun? Use hats and umbrellas! Parents can also get parasol umbrellas for the pram.

    Summer months are really irritable for kids. So, keeping them cool is what parents should always think of. Dress them light and let them be all happy and healthy. Remember the most important tip: As the mercury rises, dress them just the way you like to be dressed. They feel exactly how you feel!

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