5 precautionary measures while washing baby clothes:

5 precautionary measures while washing baby clothes:

First- time parents are often concerned about taking proper care of their baby’s clothes. When it comes to washing clothes of newborns and toddlers one needs to always keep in mind that the little ones have soft and sensitive skin. Hence, kidswearneed special care. And not just sensitive skin, little ones catch infection anywhere as their immune systems are under-developed. Clothes are the main carrier of germs and that’s why keeping them clean and bacteria-free is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips that will help parents take necessary precautions while washing baby clothes.

  1. Wash before use:- This is the most important tip of all. When parents buy kidswear, it’s always recommended to wash them before the baby wears it. This process ensures clothes are dust-free and germ-free which would otherwise lead to discomfort and skin irritation. Also, this will enable parents to get rid of harmful chemicals, if any.

  2. Chemical detergents are a big no:- These can really irritate your child’s delicate skin. Parents should always choose a mild detergent for kids. Whichever detergent parents buy, they should always ensure the product is free from dyes, colour and perfumes.

  3. 'No' to softeners and ‘yes’ to conditioners:- Fabric softeners often contain harsh chemicals that can irritate a baby’s delicate skin. On the other hand, fabric conditioners lend softness to clothes, keeping the fibres smooth. The conditioners are specially formulated with no dyes and have very low fragrance. It will help parents keep their baby safe and happy too.

  4. Never wash nappies with clothes:- Nappies may contain germs. It is advised not to mix them with clothes. It’s always better to wash clothes with hot water.

  5. Read instructions, always:- Baby clothes are soft and require special care. Hence, most of the times these clothes have a set of wash care instructions like hand wash/machine wash, water temperature, etc. Reading the instructions will help parents determine the wash process.

These 5 simple yet effective methods will make baby laundry a lot easier for parents.

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