5 benefits of ironing baby clothes

5 benefits of ironing baby clothes

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin. When it comes to laundry, child’s clothes are of highest priority. Just like taking care while washing kidswear, ironing clothes of newborns and toddlers is very important and should not be skipped. According to research, ironing kills and weakens bacteria and also adds fresh smell to the clothes.

Listed below are few reasons that prove why ironing is important.

  1. Kills insects and other harmful organisms:- Soaps and washing powders do not remove all germs. Also, while hanging clothes out to dry, small insects often get trapped in baby clothes. While ironing, the heat helps in killing these micro organisms that you may not be seen right away.

  2. Kills bacteria trapped in fibres:- Washing machine is another medium which holds back bacteria from dirty clothes. These bacteria can come from poop, urine and food stains. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, the bacteria might cause irritation and infection. Ironing after washing clothes ensures that these bacteria get killed.

  3. Getting rid of trapped moisture:- Trapped moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. This can be very harmful and might lead to skin allergies. While ironing, heat reaches the creases of kidswear and helps get rid of the trapped moisture.

  4. Removes residue detergent:- Very often, even after washing clothes properly with care, un-dissolved detergent residue stays back. Heat from ironing acts as a steriliser for the clothes of newborns and toddlers.

  5. Eliminates odours and strengthens the fibres:- Some nasty food stains do not go away even after washing. Ironing eliminates these odours and adds a fresher smell to the clothes. And not just removing odours, ironing also strengthens the fibres making them long lasting.

Hence, in order to be completely sure about eliminating bacteria from your baby’s clothes, never skip the process of ironing. This way, you can protect your child from skin allergies and rashes.

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