3C's of Kids’ Fashion in 2020 - Comfort, Care and Cuteness

3C's of Kids’ Fashion in 2020 - Comfort, Care and Cuteness

Kids’ fashion has gained more importance over the last few years. Kids’ twitter handles have emerged which are nothing short of a celebrity look book. And when it comes to kids’ fashion the most important things are comfort, care and cuteness – the 3C’s of kidswear.

  1. Comfort : Kidswear should be soft, comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and the fit should be comparatively loose. Children prefer soft, absorbent fabrics that do not scratch. There should be easy access to his/her nappy because it requires frequent changing. It’s also important that the clothes are lightweight and made of non-irritant materials. For kids casuals are the clothing of choice for the most part. Knit fabrics give more freedom of movement than woven fabrics and are ideal for casual wear. These fabrics are of pleasing appearance, and loose elastic structure. When it comes to yarn, ring spun yarn is more suitable because it provides better fabric texture than rotor and friction spun yarns, due to its highly migrated structure. In summer the fabric should be more open for easy transfer of moisture.

    Also kidswear must have sufficient seam allowances.

  2. Care : While selecting the garment it should be kept in mind that the fabric should not possess any harmful ingredient and accessories, as the skin of children is very tender and smooth. Cotton is mostly grown without the use of any pesticide, fertiliser and harmful chemical. Linen is another fabric which has negligible amount of pesticide.

    The colour dyed in the garment should not be sensitive to children skin and should be eco-friendly. Hard materials having sharp edges should not be used in kids garment as it may harm the tender skin. Kidswear should not have drawstrings as well, as they have a tendency to twirl around children’s neck. For infants and babies elastic garments should be avoided and full opening should be preferred.

  3. Cuteness : Colours play a vital role in determining the cuteness of a kid’s clothing. Colours differ according to different climatic condition. During summer season light colours like white, blue, green, purple, etc. are preferable. During winters colours preferred are red, orange, maroon, etc.

    Kids also like designs. Prints, stripes, and plaids should be small and in scale with the dress size. Decorative machine stitching, embroidery, smocking, ribbons, braid, rickrack, appliqués, ruffles, lace and bias binding are some ornamental options that also make a dress special to a kid.

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