3 cosy Cucumber dresses that your little ones will love

3 cosy Cucumber dresses that your little ones will love

Cucumber Kidswear is made with 100% cotton fabric which is manufactured from high quality yarn. The highest emphasis is placed on ensuring that only the safest and softest materials are used in order to protect the delicate skin of babies and kids. Leaving nothing to chance, at Cucumber no harmful chemicals are used and every product goes through multi-level quality check before reaching the store.

Here are 3 cosy Cucumber dresses that your little ones will love -

  1. Bicolour Printed Girls Frock :- Sporting a royal dark blue above the waist and a cool turquoise below, this beautiful dress will make your little angel look absolutely gorgeous. It has a colour contrast which is very appealing and the printed heart pattern subtly adds to the look. The sleeves are full, making it perfect for a day out in this monsoon season.

  2. Striped High-neck Boys T-shirt :- Navy blue striped over light grey, this zip-up t-shirt can cover up to the neck and has full sleeves, making it a good choice of apparel for the sudden temperature changes during monsoon. Moreover the ribbed cuffs make it cosier. This T-shirt is made of high quality 100% cotton fabric.

  3. Classic Black & White Chequered Frock :- This is one dress that will make your pretty little darling even prettier. Made of textile cotton, this dress is both comfortable and stylish. The black and white plaid pattern gives it a classy look. The dress has full sleeves and a round neck.

Whether you want something truly unique, funny or you're going for a Disney theme - there's an outfit for every mood at Cucumber Kidswear. And even though babies and kids are already adorable on their own, throw in one of these cute and stylish outfits & you will make their photo album ten times more memorable!

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